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In San Angelo, Radio Advertising remains the most effective, and economical, method of attracting customers to your business.

According to the latest informationˆ published by the Media measurement giant, Nielsen; each week, more Americans still tune into their local broadcast AM/FM radio (93%) than watch television, or use smartphones, tablets or computers.

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In raw numbers, Nielsen reports that local broadcast AM/FM radio continues to reach significantly more people each week than any other medium in the U.S.

Local broadcast radio reaches 228.5 million adults (age 18+) compared with 216.5 million for TV (live, DVR and time-shifted), 204 million for app/web on a smartphone, and 127.6 million for video on a smartphone.

Looking at the audio landscape, broadcast radio’s weekly reach of 228.5 million also outpaces the 67.6 million for streaming audio, dwarfs the just 35.9 million using satellite radio, and 20.7 million consuming audio podcasts.

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Based on this data, Trend Estimation suggests that, in the San Angelo area, local radio stations reach 83,400 adults 18+ weekly; while satellite radio (Sirius/XM) reaches just 9,865 adults 18+ weekly in the San Angelo area. When it comes to all the different forms of TV viewing (cable and satellite, broadcast, DVR and time-shifted) reaches only 59,100 adults 18+ weekly in the San Angelo area. Social Media (FaceBook, twitter, etc.) is used by just 48,400 adults 18+ weekly in the San Angelo area.


FACT: As the Audio Media Landscape Evolves, Local AM/FM Broadcast Radio Remains the King.

  • In the San Angelo area, just 6% of all vehicles on the road that are equipped with Sirius/XM satellite receivers (only model years after 2004) have an active paid subscription.

For local San Angelo businesses who look to advertising as a way to reach potiential customers, Radio is the affordable media choice, delivering message frequency and targeted reach. Over the past decade radio advertising costs in the San Angelo market grew very little, and much more slowly, than competing media.
Also, the FACTS show that most local San Angelo Radio Stations have either maintained, or grown, in audience over the past decade — despite increasing media choices competing for consumers average daily time spent with all media. So, San Angelo, Radio has consistently remained a business owner's 1st choice for cost effectiveness.
  •   Yellow Pages, as a cost-effective business advertising model, has lost almost all efficacy ever since the advent of smartphones and Google Search. Besides, think about it, who do you know that carries a phone book around, really?

  •   Local Newspaper ad rates continue to escalate, or simply maintain inflated, even as ABC verified circulation figures have declined. The Online newspaper subscription business model has reduced their once promising online web traffic to just a trickle.

  •   Local Broadcast Television ad rates are way up, even as consumers TV viewing habits have become more fragmented across hundreds of cable video viewing choices (not to mention TiVo zapping — and Netflix). With basic satellite services (Dish and Direct TV), most local network affiliate TV stations are either an extra cost package, or simply unavailable. With some minor exceptions, many brand experts now agree that advertising on Local Broadcast network affiliate TV stations can now be considered a huge waste of your ad budget.
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