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Boomer Kingston is back! Boomer is now broadcasting on Your Country Stations, KMLS 95.5 FM in Miles, Texas and KPEP 106.5 FM in Eldorado, Texas. Boomer plays ' Today's Traditional Country ' along of your favorite original Country Classics from the 1950's through 2010's.

Boomer Kingston is unquestionably the MOST Favorite Radio Personality in the San Angelo and the Concho Valley area. Now, Boomer is back on the radio every Afternoon, from 3PM-7PM, on Your Country Stations, 955 KMLS and 1065 KPEP. You can also listen live to Boomer on the Internet on

photo of Boomer Kingston on KMLS 95.5 FM San Angelo Country  Radio Station
Boomer Kingston

contact Boomer KingstonBoomer is married to Mary, and they are blessed with 4 Grandchildren and 1 Great grand Child. Boomer's favorite time of the year is in the Fall, because that means it's time for Miles Bulldog High School Football. He has announced play by play for West Texas High School Football teams every year since 1980. Boomer Kingston's most favorite part of being a radio broadcaster is getting the chance to help other people every day with public service announcements which are offered free of charge by Your Country Stations, 95.5 KMLS and 106.5 KPEP.

Your Country Radio Stations KMLS and KPEP

SanAngeloRadio, LLC., invites you to listen and enjoy ' Today's Traditional Country ' ™ radio format on Your Country Stations, KMLS 95.5 FM and KPEP 106.5 FM. We feature Country Music Classic Hits from one of the largest Country Music Radio libraries anywhere in the business. Boomer Kingston really does enjoy playing all of your country music favorites — because they're his favorite classic country hits, too.

If you miss the great country music that made listening to your radio important for your Western Texas lifestyle, then tune in TODAY to hear ' Today's Traditional Country ' ™ on the all-new KMLS 95.5 FM, and on West Texas' Original Country Radio Station — KPEP 106.5 FM, and enjoy remembering your favorite Country Classics .
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